Confectionery Production Expertise

From recipe reformulation to complex supply chains, confectionery processing involves many challenges and demands. That’s why candy makers across the country depend on MAVERICK Technologies as their systems integration and business partner. MAVERICK’s confectionery production consultants and process experts provide a wide range of enterprise-wide, integrated solutions as part of our food and beverage offering.

Have a Confectionery Industry Expert Contact You

MAVERICK can help:

  • Recommend automation solutions tailored to your needs, selecting the appropriate software and hardware platforms and functionality options
  • Identify and implement a recipe management system that fits your operation, whether you need simplistic PLC-based parameter storage or ISA-88 relational database storage with ingredient quantities and sequence of operation as part of the recipe
  • Ensure FDA compliance by utilizing ingredient traceability, lot tracking and batch reporting for comprehensive product tracking in confectionery production
  • Refine your operations to reduce scrap and waste
  • Make your data and electronic batch reports more accessible by fully integrating your ERP, MES and other systems

We maintain an open architecture as we work, allowing you to plan for future version upgrades and vendor changes at minimal cost.

The MAVERICK Approach

Our automation engineers have intimate knowledge of candy-making processes, batch flexibility and repeatability. We can integrate any technology into your facilities, without bias for platform, and deliver solutions for your specific needs — from programmable logic controller (PLC) programming to data acquisition and reporting solutions. We provide Industrial Automation services, Sustaining Services, Enterprise Integration services and Strategic Manufacturing Solutions that help you improve your operations from the plant floor to the boardroom, all to drive efficiency and profitability.